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Globe's #PlayItRight combats almost 2,500 illegal sites in 2017

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 9 Jan 2018, 12:17pm

Globe's #PlayItRight combats almost 2,500 illegal sites in 2017

Image source: Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom has stepped up its campaign versus illegal content by taking down than 2,000 sites last year which hosted lewd content as part of its #PlayItRight advocacy campaign.

The telecommunications service provider has taken a stronger stance to combat child pornography by blocking websites and related content as stipulated in the implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 9775, or better known as the Anti-Child Pornography act of 2009. As a result, Globe Telecom has blocked a total of 2,471 domains or sites in 2017 that comprises of lascivious content and child pornography.

“As a purpose-led organization, we have a responsibility to ensure that our products and services will not be used for illegal activities. Globe Telecom is strongly committed to helping address child pornography in the country,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Telecom SVP for Corporate Communications. 

In 2017, Globe Telecom launched the #PlayItRight as its advocacy program in promoting legitimate sources of online content and helping the entertainment industry curb piracy and protect intellectual property rights. Furthermore, the company aims to actively look out for illegal sites that contain vulgar content including children.

 “Our advocacy #PlayItRight goes beyond anti-piracy. It also aims to protect customers against malware and other cybersecurity threats that normally accompany illegal content or torrenting sites,” added Crisanto. “With today’s highly accessible and affordable data and content packages, downloading content from legitimate sources has become so easy and convenient. As more mobile and home broadband customers get used to streaming videos on their devices, it is imperative for us to provide our customers with safe and quality content, at the same time, protect the sources of original content including the licensed content of its global partners.”

According to the SVP, the #PlayItRight campaign sends a strong message to the public to consume digital content the right way.

“We want everyone to consciously behave positively online and stop illegal torrents or other illegitimate online sources. Let’s create new habits that would encourage people to create original content more and give them what’s rightfully due them,” concluded Crisanto.