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Google Introduces Tools for Crisis Solutions

By Maria Kriezl Manalastas - on 2 May 2014, 1:59pm

Google introduced tools for Crisis solution

 Panel discussion from different organizations, governments, and non-government institutions

Government leaders and representatives from different industries exchanged notes on effective crisis response in a whole-day summit facilitated by Google Philippines. The goal is to empower the Filipinos collaboration and find solutions using technology that will provide updated information during an emergency or calamity.

Google has built engineering tools for better communication between crisis responders and victims. They also organized information such as emergency alerts, news updates, and donation opportunities.

With Google Map Engine Lite, one of the tools highlighted, crisis responders can create custom Google Maps for public information in times of crisis. Google Map Maker is another tool that will allow users to add and update geographical information in Google Maps and Google Earth. Furthermore, the Google Person Finder App allows individuals to post and search for the status of relatives and friends affected by a disaster.

“Google’s commitment is to work with local authorities and volunteers to build up a more advanced crisis response platform to make information more accessible during disasters. We want to help them in bringing people a safer and more convenient lifestyle by using internet-based innovation,” said Meryl Stone from the Google Social Impact Team.

Senator Loren Legarda supported the summit conference through emphasizing the need for volunteerism to find sustainable solutions and the higher rate of rehabilitation in communities that work together in planning ahead before calamity strikes their towns.