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Google unveils Jamboard, a 55-inch 4K digital whiteboard
By Jonnah Pante & Wong Chung Wee - on 27 Oct 2016, 3:21pm

Google unveils Jamboard, a 55-inch 4K digital whiteboard

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Google has just announced its 55-inch 4K digital whiteboard named Jamboard that aims to “raise the bar on collaborative creativity" and bring “real-time collaboration," enabling people to work together even if they are in different locations. With its cloud-based services, this collaborative whiteboard is the company's counterpart for the Microsoft's Surface Hub.

Image from Google

Jamboard has a built-in HD camera, speakers, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Coupled with is 55-inch 4K touchscreen display, users are able to “collaborate and broadcast their work globally with Hangouts.” Shared documents are stored on Google Drive.

According to Google, its touchscreen is intuitive, as it’s able to recognize the difference between the touch of a stylus and the larger surface of an eraser. Due to its cloud-based services, Jamboard offers dedicated smartphone and tablet applications so that road warriors are able to join in the collaboration session as long as they have Internet connectivity. Best of all, Google claims Jamboard is easy to set up.

Image from Google

Google has worked with G Suite customers, who include Instrument, Netflix, and Spotify, to fine-tune Jamboard’s hardware and software system. In terms of marketing, Google has tied up with BenQ to “tap into its network of channels and resellers.” Jamboard is expected to be available next year. For those who can’t wait, however, there’s an Early Adopter Program, and applicants will be notified by the company with regards to their eligibility.

The Jamboard is priced under US$ 6,000 or roughly around PhP 290,000.

Source: Google