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GOTTA portable power banks indicate capacity with accuracy
By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 7 Aug 2014, 2:21pm

GOTTA portable power banks indicate capacity with accuracy


WYSIWYG Capacity: The Way It GOTTA Be

GOTTA Electronic Inc. introduces WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Capacity, the new breakthrough standard to portable power. WYSIWYG Capacity is the most intuitive way for anyone to understand portable power because power banks featuring WYSIWYG Capacity means the labeled amount of Milliamp Hours (mAh) is the actual amount of power users can charge their 5V devices with. This means GOTTA’s Boost 4500 featuring WYSIWYG Capacity will guarantee 4500mAh (at 5V) output and WILL charge an iPhone 5s (1560mAh battery) about 2.9 times. WYSIWYG Capacity removes the confusing calculations related to conversion rates, efficiency, and whatever energy coefficients out there and leaves battery in its simplest concept, the way normal everyday people perceives it.

The question on everyone’s mind when it comes to portable power is “how much power will I get out of this?” and this question has spawned numerous articles on how power banks work or how power is converted. In the eyes of the consumer, all of these complicated theories and calculations sound like misdirection because ultimately the one thing they can be sure of is that is they didn’t get the amount of power they paid for. So what does make sense is WYSIWYG Capacity because this will be the instance where expectation meets reality which equals a happy user experience. GOTTA came up with WYSIWYG Capacity by focusing on developing practical products that are intuitive so what’s more practical than batteries in a growing mobile market and what’s more intuitive than giving the capacity that everyone pays for?

WYSIWYG Capacity has profound impact because this delivers two important messages; for first time buyers or uninformed users, WYSIWYG Capacity is the simplicity that they are looking for when buying portable power. For consumers familiar with conversion rates and efficiency, they will know WYSIWYG Capacity translates to roughly 50% more power than other brands of the same labeled capacity. So what’s the conclusion? Giving consumers the power they expect yields a happy user experience and this move should be welcomed by everyone everywhere.