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Hino Motors welcomes 2018 with new Euro 4 vehicles

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 1 Feb 2018, 6:01pm

Hino Motors welcomes 2018 with new Euro 4 vehicles

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Hino Motors Philippines kicked off 2018 with a new line of trucks and buses running on Euro 4 engine as an affirmation of its commitment to deliver total support to Filipinos and meet growing demand for more efficient yet environment-friendly vehicles.

To further solidify its objective, the company’s shift to the Euro 4 emission standard complies with government regulations while responding to the industry’s call for innovative transport solutions. And as a result, these vehicles promise increased engine durability at the greater cost of efficiency and less carbon footprint.

The current range of Euro 4-compliant fleet includes a refrigerated van, cargo crane, dump truck, cab & chassis truck, tractor head, wing van, Cerito bus, Grandeza bus, and a modern Hino jeepney, the Hino Jeepney Class 3 AC.

The new jeepney product is part of the prototype for the government’s public utility vehicle (PUV) modernization program wherein it was designed like a minibus and has a 23-person seating capacity.

“We are very excited to share our latest vehicles with our valued partners. As a reliable one-stop shop, we are equipped to provide 360-degree support to all our clients’ trucking requirements—from assembly to chassis, body and, more importantly, aftersales and maintenance,” said Vicente T. Mills, Jr., HMP Chairman.

automobile, hino motors

With the country’s aggressive infrastructure plan under the Duterte administration, Hino sees a continuous increase in trucking requirements, whether for brand-new trucks or for maintaining trucks.

“The boom in infrastructure construction increases opportunities for transport businesses, and truck and bus requirements over the next couple of years. The rise in domestic travel activities will also provide more impetus to the bus industry. Any increase in the movement of people will require the services of modern buses. Further, fleet replacement in compliance with Euro 4 and such requirements will translate into more sales,” explained Mills.

“Hino is honored to have been given the opportunity to incorporate this ecological innovation to the Hino quality of trucks and buses. As we affirm our commitment to supporting the community, we will continue to leverage our ability to assemble and distribute quality trucks and buses designed to address the different needs of Filipinos in the most efficient way possible,” said Mr. Hiroshi Aoki, President of Hino Motors Philippines.

HMP envisions a more “connected community” and is keen to help people and goods go where they need to go. Further, the motoring company has been engaged in the assembling and exclusive distribution of quality Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines for already more than four decades, enabling it to meet the transport needs of businesses ranging from small and medium enterprises to big corporations.