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Hit The Road With HWM's April 2012 Issue!
By Jason Marges - on 16 Apr 2012, 2:20pm

Hit The Road With HWM's April 2012 Issue!

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Who says today's technology aficionados don't know how to have fun under the sun? The day of the always-indoors gadget geek is long past, that's why HWM dedicates its April issue to the digital age traveler. In this month's edition, the Team serves up a massive tech guide in this issue's main Feature to help you gear up for your summer escapades. Plus, we compare five of the top 1-terabyte USB 3.0 portable hard drives in our Multi-Test to help you carry your favorite digital content wherever you go.

Also included in this month's highlights are our group review of a trio of supercharged AMD HD 7950 graphics cards and our quick-and-easy tutorials on DIY tilt-shift-effect photography, multi-monitor display configurations, and smartphone task managers. We even throw in a bonus mini-magazine on Micro Four Thirds digital cameras for all the budding, as well as experienced shutterbugs out there!

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