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Hitachi Urges Businesses to Unleash Their Data Center's Potential

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 9 Sep 2011, 4:06pm

Hitachi Urges Businesses to Unleash Their Data Center's Potential

Mr. Hu Yoshida, VP and CTO, Hitachi Data Systems

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Hitachi Data Systems Corporation called for business owners in the country to unleash the vast potential of their data centers with the company's virtualization and cloud strategies.

Hitachi Data Systems’ VP & CTO, Hu Yoshida addressed the attendees with his keynote “The Rise of the Information Center” at the inaugural Hitachi Information Forum 2011 in Manila.

This event is part of a series of global Hitachi Information Forums that will take place throughout the year.

"When data has no center, your business has no limits," noted Yoshida.

The data center evolution via the way of virtualization and the cloud diminishes the physical boundaries of IT systems today, Hu Yoshida explained. The notion that "Data Has No Center" conveys that data is ubiquitous and that the ability to turn data into valuable business information that is available anytime, anywhere is more important than where the data is physically located.

"Hitachi Data Systems solutions lower the cost of ownership and provide IT agility, both of which are values that growing businesses worldwide are looking for to remain competitive," he added.

“Nowhere is the success of Hitachi Data Systems more evident than in the success of our customers,” said Terrance Maximus Tangit, Managing Director ASEAN - Emerging Markets & Indonesia, Hitachi Data Systems.

From large multinational corporations to small and medium businesses (SMB), Hitachi Data Systems solutions deliver positive results that reach across every aspect of businesses. "Our customers benefit from the various features our solutions offer such as cloud enabled technology and virtualized storage," Tangit noted.

Tangit also shared that the company has partnered with Ayala Systems Technology, Inc. (ASTI) to provide and support the cloud storage infrastructure and services to Globe Telecom.

In its recent announcement, Globe Telecom was breaking the new ground by announcing the introduction of their latest cloud computing services to enterprise customers in Philippines. Globe Telecom's announcement reflected its readiness and commitment to provide Storage as a Service (SaaS), Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Compute as a Service (CaaS) to business customers in their continuous effort to evolve in the competitive Telco market.

“Hitachi Data Systems offers a single, underlying platform upon which varying cloud solutions can be built at customers’ own pace and also be integrated with customers’ pre-existing solutions,” Tangit said. “This means that the platform enables enterprises to deploy an integrated portfolio of cloud technologies, solutions and services, while simplifying and accelerating cloud deployments to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.”

Hitachi Data Systems integrated cloud infrastructure approach is unique in allowing organizations to build, scale and deploy cloud services and solutions at their own pace to meet existing and future needs.

The Asia Pacific market is leading in cloud deployment. Rapid economic development is driving enterprises to look for advanced computing solutions to increase efficiency, lower deployment and operating costs, and support business growth.

Telcos and IT service providers in Asia Pacific are embracing Hitachi Data Systems cloud solutions and the company is experiencing good momentum in government, healthcare and Commercial verticals. Customers include:

  • Globe Telecom from Philippines
  • Teliti Datacentres from Malaysia
  • Beijing Computing Center from China
  • Sify Technologies Limited from India

Hitachi Data Systems will continue to work with partners and customers by providing innovative technology solutions to help them unleash the potential of their data centers and eventually transform the use and management of information.

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