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Hoppler hops on the property brokerage online

By Sherry Tenorio - on 9 Mar 2018, 4:17pm

Hoppler hops on the property brokerage online

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Buying, selling, renting, and leasing properties, or investing in properties in its entirety are complicated topics that only experts can and should answer. Thanks to the birth of, consumers can start connecting with accredited, professional, and trustworthy real estate brokers.

In a press gathering, the Hoppler team shared its objectives through a conversation with the company’s CEO Ramon Ballesca Jr., President & COO Raymond Gonzalez, and Marketing Manager Alvier Marqueses, and walked through the site with Partner Brokers Raymond Atencio and Jeffrey Sanchez.

Noting further that since inception in 2014, Hoppler has established itself as an online real estate marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, thus essentially becoming a go-to site for property investors, sellers, and real estate brokers. The site boasts of a state-of-the-art listing platform that promotes residential and commercial properties that are for sale or rent.

Aside from its seamless listing capabilities, Hoppler also cultivates a network of brokers by prioritizing a sense of community and exclusivity among its partners. Through its Partner Broker Program, Hoppler member brokers receive exclusive access to Kumita, Hoppler’s dedicated customer relationship management (CRM) tool, where brokers may track every phase of their sales process and efficiently manage their clients, either through mobile or on their desktop. With Kumita, Hoppler partners benefit from listing an unlimited number of properties that will be advertised across Hoppler’s network.  

Hoppler’s Partner Broker Program provides the community not only with unlimited access to the website’s features but also priority invites to trainings and seminars with talks by other partner brokers to inspire and motivate their work. Networking events are also held to give partner brokers an opportunity to expand and strengthen their networks.