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How Chienna Filomeno finds being Vivo’s newest brand ambassador

By Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez - on 6 Nov 2017, 12:20am

How Chienna Filomeno finds being Vivo’s newest brand ambassador

Twenty-one year old Chienna Filomeno is the real deal when it comes to social media popularity. With Instagram followers that has racked up to more than a million, Chienna’s semi-charmed life is an open book. Juggling showbusiness, travels, and learning how to be a DJ, Chienna just added one more gig into her already long line of pursuits: A Vivo influencer. Chienna is part of the unveiling of the new roster of the Vivo celebrity ambassadors last September.

To say that she is overwhelmed is an understatement, when she was asked how she felt after being chosen to carry the Vivo brand, “[I am happy] that [Vivo] trusted me,” she gushes in a brief interview conducted during a photo shoot organized by Vivo.

Chienna, along with the other Vivo brand influencers, is all thrilled over Vivo’s latest pride, the V7+. Using the Vivo V7+, Chienna loves how she could take clear, all-natural selfie with an array of filters to choose from right off the bat. One of these filters is the Bokeh effect, an aesthetic-quality out of focus blur in photos that adds drama and flair to any selfie. “My selfies are so clear and natural!,” Chienna says referring to the V7+ 24-megapixel clearer selfie, front-facing camera, one of the world’s firsts, with LED flash and smart photography algortithms, providing for a clear-cut, crisp, and natural-looking photo. To further perfect a selfie, the V7+’s Special Face Beauty 7.0 feature brightens up photos and evens-out complexions so capturing a selfie-moment is not a problem with a dimly-lit environment.

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Traveling to Bangkok, Chienna enjoyed how superb the sound came out while listening to her favorite playlist. Owing it to the V7+ high fidelity sound feature that supports the latest sound technology and levels up mobile audio technology, enabling any music lover to enjoy rich and full rhythms.

Chienna urges her fans to get themselves a Vivo smartphone “because it is super worth it.” The young budding star will be appearing alongside her fellow Vivo brand endorsers in various mall tours to be mounted by the top smartphone brand. The four-month mall tour that commenced last September 2017 will run until the end of 2017 and will heavily endorse the Vivo V7+.