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HP Introduces Odyssey to the Philippines

By Martin James David - on 16 Jan 2014, 11:12am

HP Introduces Odyssey to the Philippines

HP Printing and Personal Systems Country General Manager Albert Mateo, welcomed the guests to HP's 2014 Odyssey roadshow.

Hewlett-Packard or HP’s recently held roadshow showcased its 2014 portfolio for the enterprise market, which covers the Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Manufacturing industries. With the 2014 Odyssey lineup, HP continues to empower, improve, and change the user experience for key verticals.


HP's new Classroom Manager brings in the future to the classroom as it recreates the classroom ecosystem with the use of technology.

Education continues to be a priority for HP. The company revolutionizes the classroom with the introduction of the HP Classroom Manager. Designed exclusively for academic institutions, the HP Classroom Manager integrates technology and learning without sacrificing the latter.

It enhances learning by enabling teachers to monitor and control student computers, administer feedback, and annotate student screen for real-time collaboration. In addition, the Classroom Manager also features digital tests and immediacy of results, allowing teachers to monitor students’ progress in real-time. Students can also collaborate and offer ideas by sharing his/her screen to the whole classroom.


HP's new lineup of products for the enterprise market takes security and data retention to the next level.

The 2014 Odyssey solutions for the financial industry includes the HP Thin-Client – a solid state PC that is the perfect alternative for the traditional desktop for financial institutions since it provides usability, reliability, and easy control-management software.
HP also packs the Defective Media Retention (DMR) and security solutions in both desktops and laptops. With the DMR, customers securely retain sensitive data in defective hard drives. HP’s commercial desktops and Ultrabooks are also packed with security features for the protection of data, the device itself, and the identity of the user.


Empowering hospitals and healthcare organizations is HP with its new enterprise portfolio.

Technology plays a big part in the healthcare industry which is why HP empowers hospitals and healthcare organizations using its own ecosystem. With the company’s latest portfolio, patient flow from admission to discharge is optimized through electronic medical records (EMR) for ease of access and real-time updates.

In terms of hygiene, the Smartcard solution was introduced, eliminating the need for card swipe slots, which trap dirt and bacteria. Likewise, the Elite One 800 Touch AIO’s glass surface allows for easy cleaning using alcohol-based sanitizing agents, a standard in the healthcare industry.


High performance computing is needed when it comes to the manufacturing sector and HP's latest workstations are equipped with the hardware to run design and modeling software with ease.

Manufacturing professionals need an efficient IT infrastructure to support their work on concept design, product design and model analyses, etc. To support these, HP Workstations are tested to run a large number of ISV applications and are equipped with ECC Memory, which is important in avoiding soft errors in manufacturing.