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HP Latex Technology turns Diliman Preparatory School into "Green-Designed"

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 5 May 2011, 7:32pm

HP Latex Technology turns Diliman Preparatory School into "Green-Designed"

HP Scitex LX600

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - For forty years now, Diliman Preparatory School (DPS) in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City, has been providing children with a platform that focuses on holistic learning. And for DPS, this mission starts by having a state-of-the-art learning environment for its promising students. Seeking to create the perfect learning space, DPS turns to leading IT company, HP, to become the first campus designed using environment-friendly HP Scitex and Designjet printers that feature HP’s Latex printing technology.

“HP is delighted to take part in creating an enriching learning space where students of Diliman Preparatory School can grow and develop their full potential. Leveraging on the eco-friendly benefits of HP Latex technology, Diliman Preparatory School can now offer its students a safe and vividly stunning environment that kids can enjoy,” said Armando Pascual, HP Philippines Country Manager for Imaging and Printing Group.

Colorful Possibilities Start from the Classroom

Through the leadership of former Senator Nikki Coseteng, the school has become one of the country’s premiere institutions for basic education with its future-driven programs. For her, values-building of young ones start in the classroom - from the captivating décor to the educational images that abound.

“We would like our students to develop holistically, so that they develop a personality that prepares them to face the challenges of a globalized environment,” Coseteng said. “I want my school to look attractive with very stimulating images and colors. If our kids grow up in that environment, then we will have great architects, engineers and great city planners, but it all starts with growing up with good taste and good sense.”

HP Designjet L25500

Eco-friendly and Safe Learning Environment

With the help of Scan Livingston, one of Metro Manila’s top print service providers, DPS was able to redesign its playground, hallways and five of its pre-school classrooms in its Early Childhood Center (ECE). Since young students use the classrooms, it is important that the rooms remain a safe haven for children.

Given this, Scan Livingston used robust HP Large-format printers including the HP Scitex LX600, HP Designjet L65500 and the HP Designjet L25500 to create an environment that is both visually appealing and safe for the health. Equipped with the environmentally-friendly HP Latex technology, the HP Designjet and Scitex printers produce large-format prints that are odorless do not give off hazardous air pollutants unlike other printing solutions in the market. Without the harmful odor and the need for special ventilation, the HP Designjet and Scitex printers were the ideal solutions that could create an environment where kids can play and learn freely.

Offering maximum productivity, these printers were able to get the job done with an efficient workflow that lets users load, print and collect media simultaneously, while providing high quality prints at fast speeds. HP Scitex and Designjet printers also provided optimum versatility with the ability to print over different media including HP recyclable PVC-free wallpapers, vinyl stickers and fabrics.

The results were outstanding. Classrooms were transformed into colorful spaces that showcased bright hues, vivid images of animals, and stunning educational pictures that cultivate a positive attitude towards learning. The school’s playground boasted more vibrant colors to let students enjoy playtime, and hallways showcased eye-catching designs that completed the overall DPS experience.

“I like the fact that it only took a day to install the printed media. And because the prints were odorless, we did not have to keep the windows open or wait for a week to be able to use the classrooms, and for me this adds a lot of value,” shared Coseteng.

With the help of HP Latex technology that combined superior-quality results with eco-friendly advantages, students at DPS are ensured of a more encouraging and safer place to learn when they return next school year. The picture-perfect surroundings signal the start of an even better and brighter DPS, a venue that lets students truly discover the world around them and achieve their fullest potential.

“With the support of HP Latex technology which is environmentally-sound and safe, we have transformed the school into an ideal learning environment,” said Coseteng. “We hope that this transformation forms part of the core and of the heart of every student, every faculty member, and every family.