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Huawei breaks into top global 100 of Fortune 500

By Jonnah Pante - on 26 Jul 2017, 11:44pm

Huawei breaks into top global 100 of Fortune 500

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Now on the 83rd place in the 2017 Fortune 500, Huawei has joined the major players in tech like the Microsoft, Facebook, and Netflix in the top global 100 ranking, reporting a revenue of USD 78.51-billion.

Ranking at 129 last year, this is the first time in Huawei’s history ever to break into the list of the top global 100.

Fulfilling its purpose of listing the world’s biggest companies according to their revenues and profits, Fortune 500 is known as the “ultimate list.” It focuses on the size and scale of these corporate entities.

Furthermore, the list has become vital  for renowned  companies, as they use this to measure their own strengths, size and international competitiveness. Fortune 500 establishes itself as a parameter of global economy that transcends beyond borders, nationality, and cultural differences.

Huawei also raised its brand value which has been recognized by multiple authoritative agencies and has been chosen by many prestigious value lists worldwide. Among them is Forbes Magazine’s World’s Most Valuable Brand List released in 2017.