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Huawei's prototype phone battery can recharge to 50% in five minutes

By Chester Labaco & Cookie Monster - on 17 Nov 2015, 11:51am

Huawei's prototype phone battery can recharge to 50% in five minutes

 Image source: Huawei

While smartphone batteries are getting bigger, the charging time is not necessarily getting shorter although some phone makers such as ASUS, Oppo and Samsung have embraced quick charging technologies. However, quick charging technologies today come at the expense of a shorter battery lifespan. Huawei has developed two smartphone batteries that will not degrade overtime with quick charging!

According to ComputerWorld, Huawei's research and development subsidiary Watt Lab has developed two smartphone battery prototypes which can be recharged faster than existing quick charging technologies. Apparently, the 3,000mAh battery can be recharged to 50% in five minutes while the second, smaller capacity 600mAh can reach 68% in just two minutes!

Although the battery is built using the current lithium ion chemistry, it has an edge over conventional batteries by having atoms of graphite bonded to the anode. By doing so, faster charging will not degrade the capacity or lifespan of the battery in the long term.

At the the moment, Huawei did not specify when such batteries will appear in commercial devices. If you're interested to see the fast charging process, hit the source links below.

Source: Huawei (1) (2) via ComputerWorld