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HyperX introduces a gaming headset with plug-and-play Dolby Surround Sound

By Patrick Alcantara - on 5 Jan 2017, 10:27am

HyperX introduces a gaming headset with plug-and-play Dolby Surround Sound

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S with USB dongle of Dolby Surround Sound

HyperX announced its most advanced gaming headset to date, the Cloud Revolver S.

HyperX has added Dolby Headphone technology into a new USB dongle that delivers high-end immersive audio at the touch of a button. HyperX Signature Memory Foam and a new wide headband design enhance comfort for endless hours of gameplay. The new premium headset also features multi-platform support, 50mm drivers and a noise cancelling microphone designed for use by professional gamers and eSports teams globally.

The Cloud Revolver S is designed for comfort and competitive performance with crisp sound and wide soundstage for FPS and 3D environment games. The Dolby Headphone 7.1 channel personal surround sound environment provides an immersive gaming experience – emulating cinema-like audio that puts games right in the middle of the action for gameplay advantage.

Its soundstage features unique design driver technology that allows gamers to visualize sounds placed around them at different angles and distances. With three pre-set equalizer settings that separate boost, flat and vocals, each gamer can choose their favorite setting. Gamers will gain a competitive edge in FPS and 3D environment games by hearing opponents' locations more and accurately than previously attainable.

Including a two-year limited warranty and customer support, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S will be available in mid March 2017.