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IEC Announces Technical Specifications for a Universal Charger for Notebooks

By Marvin R. Velasco & Joy Hou - on 17 Dec 2013, 12:23pm

IEC Announces Technical Specifications for a Universal Charger for Notebooks

IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has announced the publication of the first globally relevant Technical Specification for a single external charger for a wide range of notebook computers and laptops.

Image source: IEC.

Billions of external chargers are shipped globally each year. Power supplies for notebooks typically weigh around 300 to 600 grams, and are generally not usable from one PC to another. They get damaged or lost, leading to the entire PC being discarded even though it might still function well. It is estimated that the total e-waste related to all kinds of chargers of ICT devices (Information and Communication) exceeds half a million tons each year, or the equivalent of 500,000 cars.

This new IEC Technical Specification covers critical aspects of external chargers for notebook computers, their connector and plug, as well as safety, interoperability, performance, and environmental considerations. Allowing consumers to use a single external charger with a wide range of notebook computers, the chargers can be reused or replaced when needed. IEC work ensures that the charger is reliable and safe to use, and that it provides the required level of performance.

The IEC cooperates with a wide range of organizations and continuously watches out for relevant technology developments, bringing them on board as soon as possible.