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Inefficient printing could cost PH companies millions, Fuji Xerox study shows

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 2 Aug 2017, 6:07pm

Inefficient printing could cost PH companies millions, Fuji Xerox study shows

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Fuji Xerox Philippines recently revealed that printing cost accounts for 4% of total annual revenues. Its a big deal for the Philippines and its 99.5% of establishments comprising of micro, small, and medium enterprises as per the 2015 report of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Unfortunately, most businesses still do not know how much actually cost.

“Businesses don’t pay much attention to printing costs. They don’t know that it can actually affect their bottom line,” said Bebi Guzman, Fuji Xerox Philippines Marketing Manager.

To further understand the issue, Fuji Xerox has cited the following computations:

  • A cheap ink cartridge costs PhP 1500, but it only prints about 500 pages.
  • A typical office worker prints about 34 pages per day. This is equivalent to about 7,480 pages per year given the usual 22 working days in a single month. Plus, if there are 50 employed workers in a company, it equates to 374,000 printed pages a year.
  • It also means that the office needs 48 cartridges and it would cost a staggering PhP 1.1 million.

That said, the printing venture shared that businesses have to make wise decisions regarding their choice of printing equipment and consumables, as well as the maintenance costs, including fitting replacement parts and inefficiencies in printer usage.

“Many businesses are not aware that they are incurring costs because of the inefficient consumables,” added Guzman. “This can be easily prevented by using printing hardware that maximize printing possibilities, that help you print more, at lower cost.”

Fuji Xerox Philippines offers a wide range of printers that can help many SMEs achieve control on their printing costs, and one of them is the DocuPrint M455 df which is part of the company's SMART Series business solutions.

The Fuji Xerox DocuPrint M455 df boasts an affordable A4 multi-function printer that generates up to 45 pages per minute and scans to at most 40 color pages per minute. It also has the enhanced toner save function and Energy Star rating that reduce carbon footprint. In addition, the device is also equipped with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print features.

“We have a lot of printing solutions designed for small businesses and Fuji Xerox is committed to growing more companies, one printed page at a time,” said Ken Kozak, Fuji Xerox Philippines Country Manager.