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Infor Next 2015 showcases cloud-based solutions to local businesses

By Chester Labaco & Chester Labaco - on 24 Sep 2015, 8:41am

Infor Next 2015 showcases cloud-based solutions to local businesses.


Infor, one of the leading provider of business applications specialized by industry and built based on the cloud, have announced today at Infor Next 2015 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza today, September 23, 2015 its industry leading micro-vertical focused solutions that enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and bigger businesses in the Philippines to increase value from IT investments and to attain greater business efficiency.

At the helm of Infor Next 2015 are Helen Masters, Vice President of Infor ASEAN and India, and Tim Moylan, President of Asia Pacific, Japan and Middle East. The one-day forum shows what Infor can offer to improve local businesses with their enterprise software and cloud-enabled that were designed from the designed for key industries such as food, beverage, oil, gas and transportation.

Aside from what they can offer to local businesses, the forum also touched on companies that are already using Infor’s software and cloud-based solutions and how they were able to improve their efficiency. One such company is Ferrari. Previously, it took over a year to process a car from order to delivery. The time to process a car from order to delivery was dramatically cut to only 3 months when Ferrari used the enterprise solutions offered by Infor.

One local company that is using the Infor enterprise solutions is Air21. With the software, they are able to maximize the speed, efficiency and accuracy for their logistics division. They are able to eliminate redundant and manual processes and replaced it with streamlined business functions. This in turn made them able to deliver more value to customers in less time and at lower costs.

The latest suite of business software solutions by Infor are designed for customization and flexibility across fundamental industries. This will help Philippine business leaders to meet the growing needs of both integrated and competitive markets and to gain the needed agility for growth.