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Intel Reveals Unlocked 5th-Gen “Broadwell” CPUs With Iris Pro Graphics

By Katrina Canlas & Wong Chung Wee - on 20 Mar 2014, 3:01pm

Intel Reveals Unlocked 5th-Gen “Broadwell” CPUs With Iris Pro Graphics

Intel has revealed the new 5th generation Intel Core “Broadwell” processors will feature the Iris Pro graphics that was previously exclusively to mobile SKUS of the previous generation Intel Core CPUs. In addition, the Broadwell chips will be based on the new 14nm fabrication process. However, there isn’t support for DDR4 RAM yet.

(Image Source: Intel)

The upcoming Broadwell desktop CPUs will be offered in LGA packaging, dispelling rumors that the 4th generation Intel Core “Haswell” desktop chips will be the last to come in such packaging. As stated earlier, the Iris Pro GPU will finally make inroads to the desktop processors. According to an Intel spokesperson, the Broadwell CPUs, infused with the on-die Iris Pro GPU, will be able to power entry-level Steam boxes. The Iris Pro GPU features an on-package eDRAM cache that is shared with the processor cores too.

The new Intel 9 series chipset motherboard will support the Broadwell processors but owners of the 4th generation Intel Core processors will be pleased to know that the 9 series boards are backward compatible with the Haswell processors.

However, there isn’t any word on the availability of the Broadwell desktop CPUs and the Intel 9 series motherboards. Since the unlocked Broadwell CPUs are targeted at overclockers and power users, we do expect the motherboard makers to release a slew of high-end Intel 9 series motherboards to meet their computing requirements. Do watch this space for more developments.

(Source: Intel)