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Intel talks about mobility and shares 2015 mobility road map

By Martin James David - on 4 Dec 2014, 10:52am

Intel talks about mobility and shares 2015 mobility road map

Intel Philippines Country Manager, Calum Chisolm, discussed Intel's plans to further its mobile processor lineup.

Before, we usually associate technological mobility with netbooks and notebooks, but with the advent of smartphones and tablets, things have definitely changed when it comes to mobility. Intel, one of the largest proponents of computing, acknowledges this shift towards more portable options such as smartphones, tablets, and even phablets due to their massive availability and ease of use.

With the way the world is today, it is evident that the smart device movement is sure to continue since these devices have become tied to our daily lives, may it be for work or entertainment. Recently, Intel has been partnering up with manufacturers to bring to the market smart devices that are powered by Intel’s very own Atom processors such as the Zenfone line of ASUS.

Intel will be releasing the SoFIA chip and Cherry Trail in 2015.

During the event, Intel also shared with the media its 2015 plans for smart devices. The second quarter of 2015, consumers will be seeing products equipped with the new SoFIA chip that have 3G and even 4G capabilities. There’s also the introduction of the more powerful Cherry Trail processors. It’s not just about performance and features that makes these chips better than their predecessor, but also their power consumption and efficiency.

Intel is keen on adding new experiences to the mobile world with RealSense, biometrics, and wireless charging.

Intel is also planning on bringing new things to the mobile experiences in the future such as immersive visuals with its RealSense technology, natural interaction via biometrics, and wireless charging.