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Jabra Cruiser2 Allows Safe Hands-Free Calls on the Road

By Joy Hou - on 15 Feb 2011, 3:36pm

Jabra Cruiser2 Allows Safe Hands-Free Calls on the Road

Jabra Cruiser2: In-Care Speakerphone Makes Safe Hands-Free Calls Even Easier

Do you talk on the phone a lot in the car? Or need to stay in touch while driving? A Jabra Bluetooth headset is one option for you, but a better option could be the newest easy-to-use Jabra in-car speakerphone, the Jabra CRUISER2.World leader in innovative headset solutions, Jabra launches the Jabra CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone that fits the needs of different types of users and allows drivers to keep both hands on the steering wheel when talking on the phone. The Jabra CRUISER2 communicates with your mobile via Bluetooth to give you safe hands-free calling while in the car.

"No-Excuses" Approach to Safe Hands-free Calls

In the CRUISER2, Jabra seeks to provide users with a “no-excuses” approach to hands-free calls while driving. If you can't afford to miss a business call, then CRUISER2 is certainly a cost-effective productivity tool for you. However, more importantly, in catering to your fast-paced time-poor lifestyle, CRUISER 2 offers a sustainable solution to ensure you adhere to safe-driving habits – and that both your hands stay firmly away from the phone while you drive.

Sliding onto the car visor with a metal wire clip, the CRUISER2 is positioned nicely and held firmly above the windscreen with a prominent easy-to-reach “talk” button-bar. Sporting a new look and design over the first Jabra Cruiser, CRUISER2 weighing just 85g also incorporates enhanced and upgraded features.

Jabra Cruiser2 at S$198 for In-Car and Portable Use

Available at S$198 (RRP) from Challenger, EpiCentre stores and other authorized Jabra retailers, CRUISER2 also happens to cost significantly less than the cash fine penalty for “Handphone Driving” offenders1, not including 12 demerit points, imposed by the Singapore Traffic Police. Outside the car, the Jabra CRUISER2 is also extremely suitable for portable use in the office or the home.

Caller ID Voice Announcements

The Jabra Cruiser 2 has your standard phone features (call answer/end, mute, redial, etc.). In addition, it supports voice commands (phone-dependent) and audible Caller ID. Several features make CRUISER2 hands-free speakerphone easy-to-use, such as Caller ID voice announcements. CRUISER2 makes voice announcements that talks to the user, telling you who is calling, according to how you have the caller programmed into your phone's contacts (for example, “Mom calling” or “Martin Wong calling”).

To answer a call and talk, you simply press the main control button-bar on the speakerphone .To end the call, press the same control bar again. For incoming calls from someone who not in your phone contact list, the incoming phone number will be announced.

Audio Guidance Alerts

The same voice feature also provides audio guidance alerts that come on as soon as you power on the CRUISER2 when you get in your car. Set up is simple. As soon as your phone in range, it will pair automatically with the speakerphone, and CRUISER2 proceeds to clearly announce “connected”. This way you are assured that when the call comes in, you can answer the call on the Cruiser2 and carry out the conversation hands-free. And, when it is at low battery level (after up to 14 hours talk time on a single charge), the voice alert also updates you on the status. On top of these audio indicators, small LED lights appear on the face of the CRUISER2 to serve as visual indicators for connectivity, battery, and FM status.

Advanced Audio Quality with Noise Blackout

CRUISER2 incorporates Noise Blackout technology that reduces ambient sound to offer clear, understandable calls with industry-leading audio quality. Strategically-placed dual microphones distinguish between background noise and the your voice, and proceeds to blackout distracting background noise – made by passengers or outside traffic noise – to ensure optimized audio delivery to your caller party.

Multiuse Technology and FM transmission

The enhanced Multiuse technology allows for two “active connections” so users can connect two devices simultaneously – such as mobile phones, smartphones and MP3 players – to the CRUISER2. The speakerphone also acts as an FM transmitter and you can stream your favourite tunes from your phone (or a Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player) through your car's stereo system. (Of course with an incoming call, the music automatically fades out.)

Key Specifications of the Jabra CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone include:

  • Bluetooth 2.1Technology, including EDR and eSCO
  • Great sound with dual microphones and a powerful speaker
  • Easily connects to car radios via the FM transmitter to transmit music and calls to the car speakers
  • Quickly and easily downloads a phonebook to tell you who is calling
  • Large, easy to access volume controls, including a dedicated mute button
  • Auto-pairing accompanied by audible pairing instructions for no-nonsense set-up
  • Features answer/end, redial and voice dialing
  • Voice Guidance in 9 different languages (including Mandarin)
  • 2 Chargers are included – a micro USB cable for charging via a PC and a universal car charger that fits into the car lighter
  • Talk time – up to 14 hours – and up to 13 days of standby time
  • Horizontal design; measuring 66 x 124 x 19mm

Voice Enabled Applications: for Safer and Easier Communication on the Road

Aside from voice calls, you can use CRUISER2 to get your incoming message and emails read out. The CRUISER2 in-car speakerphone is compatible with a wide variety of third-party apps selected and rigorously tested to work with many Jabra products. Utilizing the Jabra World of Apps, consumers can easily find applications that fit their lifestyle, such as being able to hear incoming text messages and emails being read out, making communicating on the road safer and easier.