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KINGMAX to enter the market for smart living

By Ciara Alarcon - on 29 Jul 2016, 1:32pm

KINGMAX to enter the market for smart living

KINGMAX has announced the company’s arrival into the market for smart living with launch of relevant smart products scheduled for the year.

KINGMAX devoted all of its research and development energy and vertically integrated available resources that encompassed its bionic eye and electronic nose technologies to create the world’s first portable AirQ Check – Air Quality Monitor in an effort to safeguard the health and well-being of all consumers.

Featuring a physical design similar to a small USB thumb disk, AirQ Check Mobile Health Device – Air Quality Monitor comes with an ergonomic sliding cap. Requiring no power for operation, users can easily take the product wherever they go and simply connect it to their smart phones; by running its dedicated APP, users will be able to see in a glance whether the concentrations of carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds in the indoor air have exceeded safe levels.

AirQ Check will have its global market launch soon and can be purchased from designated retailers in different countries. KINGMAX will also be launching more smart living products in the near future to bring more impressive innovations.