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Kingmax introduces its DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM

By Jasper Oregas - on 14 Apr 2015, 2:44pm

Kingmax introduces its DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM


The new DDR4 memory module from Kingmax uses high-performance, nano-grade compound as a thermal paste to rapidly remove heat from the surface of its IC dies. A light-weight alternative that offers superior cooling performance compare to typical heat sinks. Their lab tests reveal that traditional memory module heat sinks can go up to 40-45°C in working temperature when overclocked, while with the Nano Thermal Dissipation Technology the temperature was at 38±1°C.

This new patented “Nano Thermal Dissipation Technology” of Kingmax makes their DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM lighter, sleeker in appearance, and with 10% extra cooling performance compared to traditional memory module heat sinks, it also makes their DDR4 memory module another contender for overclocking.

The DDR4 Nano Gaming RAM supports Intel XMP 2.0 and it has 2 SPD settings so users can try more configurations with it. It also comes with the option of data rate selection (2800, 3000, 3200, and 3400 MT/s) to provide enhanced performance and even higher speed.

To give back to the enthusiast market, where it started, Kingmax now offers high-end DRAM products with consumer-friendly prices.