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Kingston Server Premier DDR4 RAMs validated on Intel Purley with Skylake-SP CPUs

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 29 Jul 2017, 3:29am

Kingston Server Premier DDR4 RAMs validated on Intel Purley with Skylake-SP CPUs

Building a legacy of class-leading server memory quality that targets system builders, SMB and data centers with a fully locked build solution for guaranteed consistency, Kingston announced the validation of its 32GB, 16GB, and 8GB Server Premier DDR4-2666 Registered DIMMs on the Intel Purley Platform.

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This validation features the Intel Xeon Scalable processor family (formerly known as “Skylake-SP”) and is also aligned with the launching of Kingston’s new Server Premier product line. You can check the validation here.

“We are proud to introduce Server Premier as a simplified set of memory part numbers with broad or multi-platform compatibility,” Kingston stated.

Engineered  to release the power of Intel’s new six-channel-server architecture, Kingston's Purley-validated Server Premier modules has no memory frequency  clock down restrictions that are present in previous platforms.

Each DIMM at 2666MTps gives off a maximum bandwidth of 21.3GBps that improves  the performance of the latest memory intensive server application, when combined with multi-channel performance.

“With Server Premier, customers can expect the same degree of reliability from Kingston’s rigorous testing, performance, and support that has made us the memory of choice powering the world’s data centers,” Kingston added.

A simplified portfolio of server memory products, Kingston’s Server Premier fulfills certain requirements of data center and cloud customers. They also provide these for business customers, system integrators, and SMBs.

It also provides customers of complete end-to-end data performance solutions for the data center, along with Kingston enterprise SSDs.

Kingston’s Server Premier and its enterprise SSDs’ combination is highly suggested for HPC (high-performance computing), artificial intelligence, virtualization, cloud, big data, and database applications. It is also ideal for the media and entertainment industry.