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Klipsch launches two new Pro-Sport headphones

By Katrina Canlas & Marcus Wong - on 25 Aug 2015, 12:33pm

Klipsch launches two new Pro-Sport headphones

Specifically built for the fitness enthusiast, the Pro-Sport series uses Klipsch’s patented oval ear tips to allow for hours of comfortable wear. Built to naturally fit the contours of the ear canal, the oval ear tips don’t place stress on the pressure points in the ear, while offering great passive noise isolation by blocking out ambient noise.

Both headphones incorporate dual-magnet micro-speakers to cover a wider frequency range for realistic audio reproduction. Both models also feature a three-button remote that supports select Apple products and incorporates a directional microphone, allowing you to take and make calls with ease.

The Pro-Sport AS-5i is designed to gently wrap around your ear, while the flex-wire design allows you customize the fit even further so you can get the best fit for your ears. Perhaps more impressive, is the fact that the cables are covered in Kevlar for incredible durability and moisture-resistance!

Meanwhile, the Pro-Sport AW-4i headphones give you award-winning sound no matter what the conditions your exercise regime puts you through. With tough, ruggedized rubber molding on the exposed surfaces of each ear bud, the AW-4i resists moisture to ensure perfect functionality despite the conditions.

Both the Pro-Sport AS-5i and Pro-Sport AW-4i are available in a choice of Cool Grey or Blue.