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Lalamove now offers vans and utility vehicles as mode of delivery

By Yrda Veanssa Sy Fernandez - on 3 Oct 2017, 3:35pm

Lalamove now offers vans and utility vehicles as mode of delivery

In its few months of operation in Metro Manila, Lalamove has already become a household name in the app-based delivery platform industry. Much of the talk centers on Lalamove’s fast and reliable services that they attribute to their fleet of motorcycles that rush to fulfill client’s delivery needs, whenever and wherever in the metro.

Today, there is more to Lalamove than just motorcycles. Lalamove now offers other vehicle types of which are the utility vehicles (UVs) which was their core service back when they were known as Easy Van in Hong Kong.

“Regionally, our motorcycle service is strong. But we want to go back to our roots from Easy Van which was a big hit for business that seeks cheaper alternatives for their delivery needs,” explains Dannah Majarocon, Operations Director of Lalamove.

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By tapping on the Lalamove app, a customer can instantly see the types of vans and prices available. For small utility vehicles, the standard rate is PhP 200 with an additional PhP 25 per kilometer. Vans are at PhP 430 with a PhP 30 charge per kilometer. FB/L300 is at PhP 480 plus PhP 30 per kilometer.

Customers are not just the only ones who gain from booking with Lalamove, large-vehicle drivers say that being with Lalamove is very rewarding because it augments their family’s income.

"I am very happy with the driver relations of Lalamove. They gave us an opportunity to really earn more and give our vehicles a profitable opportunity,” says Edilberto Manalo, the highest-earning UV driver of Lalamove.

To know more about Lalamove’s UV services, visit their website and/or download the application on the App Store or Google Play Store.