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LBC Business Solutions joins forces with CMA-CGM Logistics

By Lionell Go Macahilig - on 28 Jul 2017, 7:04am

LBC Business Solutions joins forces with CMA-CGM Logistics

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Continuing to find new ways to make its services available to more Filipinos, LBC Business Solutions recently established an exclusive partnership  with CMA-CGM Logistics, one of the largest international forwarding companies in the world. CMA-CGM Logistics is the sister company of CMA-CGM Lines, the third largest carrier in the world.

By the virtue of this alliance, LBC will have access to where the company plans to extend its services, and gain opportunities to tap new businesses and expand existing ones, resulting in the improvement of LBC's services and its further penetration to other markets like commercial and e-commerce.

Taking advantage of CMA-CGM Logistics' network, LBC Business Solutions will now be able to offer a holistic service to its growing roster of clients. Clients will now only depend on one service provider for their both local and international logistics requirements.

Its partnership with CMA-CGM Logistics demonstrates LBC's commitment to expand its array of services to be able help its clients in an easier and more convenient manner, and grow their businesses at the same time.