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LG, Philips & Sharp to Develop Common Smart TV App SDK

By Andy Sim - on 26 Sep 2011, 8:26am

LG, Philips & Sharp to Develop Common Smart TV App SDK

We know that the smartphone industry is amassed with an eclectic mix of operating systems. More diverse, perhaps, is the television industry where every TV manufacturer is responsible for engineering a unique Smart TV platform for their own HDTV offerings. Unification is on the way though, for LG, Sharp and Philips have come together to create a standardized SDK (Software Development Kit) for a multi-platform app system.

In other words, developers can now develop applications compatible with all three brands' Smart TV platforms via the beta SDK. Currently, TV app developers devote a lot time developing and testing their applications on a range of Smart TV software. Streamlining this tedious process with a multi-platform app system would ensure developers can channel their time and resources into development efforts instead of testing their products on various platforms.

Mr Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Entertainment company, believes that this alliance represents a significant milestone in the nascent beginnings of Internet-enabled Smart TVs. He also mentioned that a prominent step has been taken towards the creation of an app market. And he hopes it will be as dynamic as the one that exists in the smartphone market through this newfound partnership between the three firms. 

Source: HDTVtest