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LG Shows Off the Curved Display and Self-Healing Body of Its G Flex in New Videos

By Marvin R. Velasco - on 12 Nov 2013, 11:12am

LG Shows Off the Curved Display and Self-Healing Body of Its G Flex in New Videos

LG has been teasing us with the numerous innovative features of its upcoming G Flex, but haven't shown us exactly how they work in practice – until now. The Korea-based smartphone giant has released two videos demonstrating some of the signature features, specifically the curved display's dynamic viewing and the self-healing body.

The first video shows off the cinema-like movie experience you get with the G Flex's 6-inch display. Half-way through the video, we also get a glimpse of the dynamic wallpaper that moves depending on the orientation of the phone. It's more aesthetics than anything else, but delivers a greater sense of depth for the Android OS.

The second video takes the innovation a step further by giving a demonstration of how the self-healing body works. This is definitely one of the more unique features we've heard of from a handset manufacturer, and could add another dimension of durability since the introduction of scratch-resistant glass on the front-end of smartphones. For now, it can only manage minor scratches, but with some more work, we could be seeing Wolverine-like phones in the near future.

The LG G Flex will soon be released in the Korean market, with an international release down the road, hopefully. There aren't any details yet on pricing, so stay tuned to Hardware Zone for any updates.

Source: Android Community