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LG is the World's TV Leader for 3 Consecutive Years

By Kevin Bruce Francisco - on 16 Aug 2013, 2:29pm

LG is the World's TV Leader for 3 Consecutive Years

Source: LG

The Philippine home entertainment landscape is about to change as global leader and technology innovator LG Electronics unveils the industry’s first and the world’s best TV technology.

LG is proud to announce its groundbreaking line-up of products: LG 84-inch Ultra HD TV, the LG OLED TV, and the LG curved OLED TV.

“LG’s ownership of the world’s first Ultra HD TV, OLED TV, and curved OLED TV is a testament to the brand commitment of giving consumers the most exciting TV technology today,” Hoony Bae, vice president of LG Electronics Philippines’ Home Entertainment division, shared. “We will continue to innovate products that will allow the most enjoyable and convenient home entertainment experience possible.”

World’s First Ultra HD TV

84-inch LG Ultra HD TV - PhP 849,990

The LG Ultra HD TV takes picture quality to an unparalleled level with four times higher resolution than Full HD. Comprising 8.3 million pixels and standing at a massive 84 inches, the TV showcases an extensive range of colors and impressive degree of picture accuracy for a lifelike, enthralling viewing experience. The TV also projects powerful sound quality with its 50W audio bursting from a 2.2 speaker system, bringing as much depth and liveliness to one’s ears as the screen brings to one’s eyes.

To complete the package, the TV is empowered by LG’s Smart technology, in which users can easily enjoy their favorite programs, access preferred applications, connect to other devices, and share video content with anyone at any time or place. These options are facilitated by the customizable Smart home interface onscreen and are controlled through LG’s upgraded Magic Remote, which requires nothing more than pointing, wheeling, drawing, and speaking to execute commands.

World’s First OLED TV


LG also pioneered the next generation TV display on January 2013 with the launch of the renowned OLED TV or Organic LED (Light Emitting Diode). Sporting a 55-inch display, the TV boasts of outstanding picture and sound quality encased in an astonishingly slim 4mm width and light 10kg weight.

OLED technology uses organic compounds that emit light directly when an electric current is applied. Unlike LCD displays, backlights are not needed, reducing power consumption and distortions even at extreme angles. Picture quality is enhanced with LG’s unique WRGB technology, Color Refiner, and Infinite Contrast Ratio. To perfect the experience, LG OLED TV also combines the company’s industry-leading CINEMA 3D technology with Smart TV capabilities.

World’s First Curved OLED TV


LG took it a step further on April 2013 when it launched its Curved OLED TV, a 55-inch wide and 4.3mm thick TV which promises the immersive IMAX experience in the comfort of the viewer’s home. LG states that it had taken researchers more than five years to develop the optimum curvature to make the entire screen surface equidistant from the viewer’s eyes. This eliminates screen-edge visual distortion and loss of detail.

The TV is only 16.3kg light and has a Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) to add additional strength to the beautifully curved screen. LG provides a wall mount (LG 55EA9800) specifically for the TV and includes thin transparent film speakers in the crystal clear stand, providing high-quality sound without compromising the TV’s seamless design.

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