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LG's Premium Home Entertainment for All the Dads Out There

By Kevin Bruce Francisco - on 11 Jun 2013, 3:09pm

LG's Premium Home Entertainment for All the Dads Out There

For all the men of the house, a smart new line-up of home entertainment products by LG Electronics emerges, giving ultimate comfort and leisure to dads with differing tastes and preferences.

For dads who only want the best for their family...

LG 84-inch Ultra HD 3D TV

For dads who only want the best, LG's 84-inch Ultra HD TV, known as 84LM9600, gives off flawless picture quality with eight million pixels and four times higher resolution than Full HD. Dads would surely love the accuracy in detail, rich color gamut, and vibrant visual display which help maximize the excitement in sports shows and action films.

LG BH9530TW surround speaker

The viewing experience can be further enhanced by the LG BH9530TW, LG’s 9.1-channel 3D Blu-Ray home theatre system. Four vertical speakers are set up in all corners of the room, acquiring crisp and optimal audio quality surpassing that of cinemas. 

For dads who want to have a more intimate time with their family...

For a smaller-scale but still lavish setup, LG offers its 55- or 60-inch Cinema 3D Smart TV, ideal for fathers who value precious family moments. More bonding opportunities await with the TV’s cinematic 3D entertainment, built-in Skype feature, intuitive Magic Motion Remote, engaging Smart Share options, and the exclusive Time Machine feature for convenient recording of footage. The TV is complemented seamlessly by the LG 5.1-channel 3D cinema sound home theatre system or the LG BH6330H, which guarantees clear and powerful surround sound to enthrall all members of the family.

For dads who never get tired of watching movies with their family...

LG 3D Blu-Ray player

For fathers who enjoy ending a stressful day by watching DVDs, they will surely appreciate the LG BP325 or 3D Blu-Ray player. The full HD viewing capability and portability of this gadget are the key features that would simplify and upgrade any lifestyle.

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