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Lumigrids is an LED-projected Grid Light for Night Biking

By Kevin Bruce Francisco - on 11 Sep 2013, 2:05pm

Lumigrids is an LED-projected Grid Light for Night Biking

To mount the Lumigrids, simply attach it on the handlebar of your bike. (Source: Sichuan University)

Aiming to make night biking safer, engineers from Sichuan University in China developed the Lumigrids. It is an LED projector that clamps on the handlebar to throw a grid image on the road. WIth it, cyclists can see the upcoming holes and bumps by easily looking at any changes or bends with the shape of the grid. 

Bumps, holes, and even the slightest unevenness can easily be seen by the way the grid is distorted. (Source: Sichuan University)

The Lumigrids is flexible enough to be used without any batteries. It can function solely from the movement of the bike's wheels or you can load it up with an internal battery. Using it isn't so complex since it only has one button – the power button. Users can easily turn it on and off even while riding at high speeds.

This is what it looks like when you ride with the Lumigrids. A bit reminiscent of the movie Tron, don't you think?

The device has three different sizes to choose from which are all designed for different situations. The normal size measures 140 x 180mm (5.5 x 7.1 inches), for high speed rides there's a larger 140 x 260mm (5.5 x 10.2 inches) grid, while the "team" mode projects a wide 300 x 200mm (11.8 x 7.9 inches) grid on the road.