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M Lhuillier introduces ML Wallet mobile application

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 24 Jul 2017, 8:40pm

M Lhuillier introduces ML Wallet mobile application

M Lhuillier has announced the launch of its app that offers specific values to loyal customers as well as to millions of Filipinos who remain without access to banks and other financial institutions.

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The app, named ML Wallet, is the financial service company’s offering that aims to deliver fast, secure, convenient, and reliable way of sending money, paying bills, and even loading mobile devices.

Just like most apps, ML Wallet requires the users to take a few steps before you get started. They must register by keying in their details. However, as a regulatory requirement, they must visit an M Lhuillier branch to complete the registration process. Once registered, the app is good for use.

To make cash transaction (sending or receiving), visit any M Lhuillier branch, complete a cash load-up and you are set to transfer cash to anyone, anywhere in the country. Aside from that, doing cashless and safe remittances from one ML Wallet to another are possible. The cash received is safely recorded and stored in the app that is ready to be cashed out with M Lhuillier.

In addition, ML Wallet allows a convenient way of paying bills and also to load up your mobile devices.

“Bills payment is a service we are aiming to further improve as we aim to add more and more merchants and institutions that will accept payment through the app.  Soon there will be no need to go anywhere to settle any bills,” said Ceasar Laro, division manager of M Lhuillier. “Over time, ML Wallet will offer additional functionalities that would further improve its value to its users.  We foresee that ML Wallet will become a staple app and valuable service to millions of households in the country.”

The ML Wallet app is available for download from Google Play and the App Store.