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Maxell Announces Local Release of Hybrid Dynamic Earphones

By Kevin Bruce Francisco - on 16 Aug 2013, 4:27pm

Maxell Announces Local Release of Hybrid Dynamic Earphones

Maxell reveals their new range of “M” series earphones – MXH-DBA700 and MXH-DD600. Based on new acoustic theory and technology, these earphones offer more than just music to the ears.

MXH-DBA700 and MXH-DD600

Using its technological experience, Maxell specially designed these earphones to be shaped like a horn, allowing the driver units to reach its maximum performance capabilities.

Together with a high modulus aluminium case as its body to reduce acoustic vibration, users can now enjoy the finest details of sound with the new “M” series earphones.

Driven by 2 Dynamic Drivers, MXH-DD600 produces a rich and high clarity sound.

With the Dynamic Driver strategically slanted at the back, a strong and rich mid/low frequency band can be produced. While the Balanced Armature is placed at the front position for the production of a high resolution high frequency band. The combination of these drivers results in an exceptional and uncompromising sound quality. Not only is the MXH-DBA700 practical with first-rate audio quality, the design is undoubtedly stylish with a distinctive “M” mark engraved on its body.

Driven by 2 Dynamic Drivers, MXH-DD600 produces a rich and high clarity sound. A 6mm driver is placed at front position for the mid/high frequency band while an 8mm driver is placed at the back position for the reproduction of a solid, powerful, and robust low frequency band. Together, these drivers spread a profound sound field.

The MXH-CA200 fuses performance and style with its variety of available colors.

Another series of in-ear buds is the MXH-CA200. It comes with 8 distinctive colors: Red, Pink, Pearl Pink, Gold Silver, Green, Blue and Black – perfect for accessorizing with any outfit. It adds a touch of style with its special double cone-shaped design. With its lightweight aluminium body and excellent rigidity, it reduces unwanted resonance that occurs in the housing unit. Adopting a new design, MXH-CA200 is designed to curve along the line of the ears to give a comfortable wear. It has a driver of 9mm to deliver superb sound quality and a powerful low frequency.

The launch of the new earphone range indicates an exciting time for Maxell. Mr. Yuji Kano, Marketing Manager of Maxell Singapore, antipicates a huge area of growth for the company. He added, “Since the era of audio tapes, Maxell has strictly adhered to its philosophy of fundamental sound. Under a system integrated from product planning to design, quality assurance and sales, we are confident that these two flagship models will be most popular items in Maxell Earphones Range.”

The MXH-BDA700, MXH-DD600, and MXH-CA200 will soon be available in the Philippines through Maxell’s official distributor, Filmaxel Incorporated, with a suggested retail price of PhP 6,299, PhP 4,499 and PhP 1,099 respectively.