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MDI's DX in Design pilots the march of next-gen, tech-driven businesses in PH

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 24 Jan 2018, 11:22am

MDI's DX in Design pilots the march of next-gen, tech-driven businesses in PH

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Micro-D International Inc. (MDI) aims to take the lead in advocating real digital transformation in the Philippines, especially with the next wave of successful Philippine enterprises is redefining the way brands interact and connect with consumers.

MDI, through its chief executive officer (CEO) Myla Villanueva, believes that the barometer of success for businesses in the future will not only depend on how they utilize technology. More importantly, their growth will be heavily anchored on the depth of interaction and quality experience customers get by interfacing with their brand.

This lead to the firm taking the wheel in advocating digital transformation in the country through the DX Trinity wherein design, the physical space, and the brand’s aspirations exist in harmony to create a remarkable customer experience. Furthermore, MDI also believes that that any design which does not prioritize the integration of technology within a physical space and aligns itself with the brand’s promise is an incomplete design.

“The challenge for businesses today is how they can integrate their backend with their front to bring their brand aspirations to life,” Villanueva said. “Look at other innovation pioneers, like Apple or GoPro. Every groundbreaking technology today should take into consideration the human element and interaction and how it complements its surroundings.”

A legacy of transformative thinking

At present, it is becoming very important for corporations to understand that technology is utilized, not just for the tech sake, but as an enabler.

In over three decades, MDI has partnered with some of the country’s leading corporations to simply embrace the DX Trinity to ensure that their brand’s promises are manifested across all contact points with their customers.

The first step in the firm’s program is taking the time to understand the aspirations of the business, with three questions were slated to answer: What is the bigger goal they want to achieve? How do they see themselves as innovators? And how will their ideas manifest within their space?

Afterwards, the next move is to bring in their fellow innovation advocates.

“We collaborate with the right partners in promoting true Digital Transformation to make sure that the DX Trinity come naturally together. This way, we can ensure that an enterprise can make a significant and lasting impact, while generating the ultimate customer experience,” explained Villanueva.

Igniting the DX revolution

To date, perhaps, one of the finest examples of the DX Trinity’s come-together is the company’s efforts with UnionBank of the Philippines (UnionBank) for the brand’s groundbreaking retail and banking hub in Makati called “The ARK.” The project has been serving as a refreshing space that uses digital technology to augment an actual banking experience.

“The ARK is a bridge between the real-world banking experience and the digital experience, which we have made possible by teaming up with our partners, led of course by MDI,” said Ana Aboitiz-Delgado, UnionBank deputy center head for Consumer Finance and chief user experience officer.

“When we spoke to UnionBank president, Mr. Edwin Bautista, he made their aspiration very clear to us: to be the leading digital bank by designing a brand experience like a tech company that has a banking engine,” Villanueva says.

Upon execution, UnionBank’s The Ark underwent a long process of going back to the basics and understanding the intricacies and the details of every customer’s point of interaction inside the bank. MDI did their part by looking at every process, engagement, and customer interactions through their journey in a branch. Since then, they researched and experimented on how they could make each process more effective and efficient, and how they can delight the customer by maximizing the DX Trinity, resulting in creating a space where clients can move around freely, make themselves feel comfortable, order a free latte at the coffee bar, or log on to the Internet to get some work done.

In addition, the ARK also becomes an avenue for off-site productivity, wherein partners and customers are creating and exchanging creative tech ideas. Plus, there is a very powerful technology that allows customers to save time, fulfill their usual routines, enjoy a more hassle-free banking experience, and interact with the space positively.

“We’re very delighted at how MDI and our partners have interpreted our vision and brought our ideas to life at The ARK,” said Delgado. “Look around you and you’ll see that this is not just a bank anymore. It’s now become a ‘third space.”

With the way technology has evolved today, there really needs to be a strong synergy between technology, design, and brand aspirations. This DX Trinity has become the primary pillars for the game-changing work that MDI has been doing because, as Villanueva asserts, any DX journey will cease to make a difference if one of these three goes missing.