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Meralco wins country’s first gold and silver awards at PRWeek Asia Awards

By Ciara Alarcon - on 7 Jul 2016, 10:00am

Meralco wins country’s first gold and silver awards at PRWeek Asia Awards


The Manila Electric Company (Meralco) won the Philippines’ first gold award as the crisis or issues management campaign of the year, and country’s first silver as the corporate social responsibility campaign of the year in PRWeek Awards 2016.

Meralco bagged the country’s lone gold winner for its communication efforts during the summer supply crisis threat of 2015. The silver trophy was awarded for Meralco’s “salba-bote” campaign.

Meralco overcame nominated entries from Asia Pacific countries including Japan, Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Last year’s summer power supply crisis threat became rewarding challenge for Meralco as the power distribution utility sought ways to mitigate the supply deficiency, and at the same time empower various stakeholders with multi-platform solutions.

Meralco was able to turn around a crisis scenario via bringing forward innovative demand-side management solutions, harnessing collaboration, and institutionalizing energy efficiency.

Meralco got the silver award for “salba-bote”, the company-developed safety device used to protect lives during typhoons and floods.

“Salba-bote” is an improvised flotation device (IFD) made of readily available materials making it easy to replicate and distribute to customers in flood-prone areas. “Salba-bote” serves as a multi-functional rescue gear and survival kit, made up of empty recyclable softdrink bottles inside a plastic-coated mesh bag with water-resistant pocket for emergency supplies. Salba-bote is the only IFD publicly endorsed by the Philippine Red Cross and the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary to be used during rescue operations.

Source: Meralco