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Microsoft introduces Nokia 216

By Ciara Alarcon - on 21 Sep 2016, 4:54pm

Microsoft introduces Nokia 216

Microsoft has launched its new Nokia 216, an 82 gram-weighing Series 30+ gadget with a small physical keyboard and non-touch 2.4-inch QVGA screen phone, which is possibly its last feature phone.

The Nokia 216 promises to go "all in" with app, music, and selfie support. With over 2.5G, it also has internet connectivity. The phone also comes with the Opera Mini browser pre-loaded, one free Gameloft title offered every month for a year, FM Radio, MP3 and video player, Bluetooth 3.0, and some features from the year 2000.

It also sports good battery life, 0.3MP rear and front cameras, and 16MB of RAM.

The Nokia 216 is available at US$ 37.