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Ministop becomes the 1st convenience store in PH to offer QR payments thru GCash

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 1 Dec 2017, 10:31am

Ministop becomes the 1st convenience store in PH to offer QR payments thru GCash

A partnership was made in order to further unleash the future of payment here in the Philippines. GCash, known for being the pioneer in making purchases using the Quick Response (QR) codes, has made a tandem in Ministop as they promote and spread the benefits of the modern-day paying method in the country.

The partnership has also made Ministop, one of the largest convenience stores in the Philippines, become the first in their business field to accept QR payments.

“We are excited over this partnership since Ministop is the first convenience store in the country to embrace e-payment via QR code.  This will be good for the larger population because of the ease, convenience, and security that e-payments provide both to the consumers and merchants,” said Anthony Thomas, President and CEO of Mynt, the Globe-subsidiary firm that operates GCash.

Known as the second-largest multi-format retailer and part of the line that comprises Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc., Ministop is the Philippine franchise of Ministop Co. Ltd., a known brand of convenience store chains in Japan.  The chain has been responsible for developing products and services that cater to the consumption profile of the Filipino market with its wide array of merchandise and an extensive selection of ready-to-eat products which are affordable and mostly patronized by employees and students.

And with deep understanding, Ministop has made movements as they continue to provide products that are high in quality, affordable in pricing, and value-added services that will make up for more-convenient and secure payment for its customers; leading to the decision of partnering with GCash for e-payments through QR Scanning.

“Providing 24/7 convenience to our customers has always been our thrust, and we find that Globe GCash’s e-payment via QR code program will redefine convenience to our customers by providing them an easier way to shop for their favorite treats and meals with just few clicks on their mobile phones,” said Ms. Thelma Roxas-Jacob, Ministop General Manager.

And with the movement, Thomas is foreseeing that Filipinos will notice GCash becoming more ubiquitous in the next couple of years as it acquires more partner merchants, including micro entrepreneurs.

“We are not reserving e-payment for organized trade, but also for your cigarette vendor, balut vendor, and the sari-sari store, among others. Eventually, you can pay with your smartphone anywhere you go. No need to bring cash,” added Thomas.