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MSI will launch the latest VR notebooks with 7th Gen Intel Core i7 platform

By Patrick Alcantara - on 12 Jan 2017, 8:13am

MSI will launch the latest VR notebooks with 7th Gen Intel Core i7 platform

MSI will be launching its GT83VR, GT73VR, GT72VR, GT62VR, GS63VR, GS43VR, GE72MVR, GE62VR, GP72, GP62MVR and GL72/GL62 series into the market, featuring the latest Intel 7th generation CPUs, chipsets and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 GPUs. The Taiwanese IT corporation affirms its position at the head of the high-end gaming market, bringing gamers all over the world the latest and greatest technologies.

MSI aligns with Intel to move forward for all users who desire better VR experience and video/gaming experience in early 2017. These MSI Gaming laptops are expected to increase 15% to 25% in CPU performance boost. The gaps between laptops and desktops are further shortened to essentially none, delivering the faster and smoother performance for all gamers.

In addition to the new CPU, MSI will be implementing NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050 Ti and GTX1050 graphics into the arsenal so that gamers of different calibers can enjoy an even more personalized gaming notebook for work, school, or for killing hordes of zombies.

The GTX 1050 Ti reflects the 15% higher performance compared to GTX965M. The GTX 1050 are going to replace the market position of GTX960M for performance level gamers and power users.

With twin fan design, each fan cooling the CPU and GPU will ensure your components and performance stays cool under pressure. The thick copper heat pipes also help for optimal thermal management. Users may also activate our turbo fan boost, pretty much means injecting NOS gas into the fans, increasing its RPM and blasting those heat away.

Below is a gist of MSI's world's first technologies:

  • PCI-E GEN3 x4 SSD – Harness the full performance potential of the Gen 3.0 SSD computing extreme reads up to 2200 MBps, four times faster than SATA3 SSD's.
  • Keyboard by SteelSeries – Better responsive and tactile feedback, optimum WASD zone and support of multi-key inputs are all for gamers to gain full command overr gaming missions.
  • Dragon Center – This app provides six functions to get a total control of your GE series notebooks, easy access to all apps at once.
  • Nahimicc 2+ 3D virtual surround sound – Nahimic 2+ Audio Enhancer specializes in 3D virtual surround sound processing and audio improvement. Moreover, Nahimic eliminates background noises, thus, enhances clarity of dialogues during conversations.
  • True Color Technology – Besides 100% RGB mode, True Color Technology also offers perfect color accuracy for 5 more scenarios.
  • Killer Shield – Less pin rate floating reassures more fluent gameplays.

These notebooks will be available at all MSI Philippines authorized dealers. For more details, visit their website.