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MyPhone is going "Hack to the Future" in January next year

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 12 Dec 2017, 1:46pm

MyPhone is going "Hack to the Future" in January next year

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MyPhone Philippines, together with Brown & Proud and Bbulletin, is set to welcome the year with The Business Tech Summit, aiming to provide the Filipino youth with the right tools and knowledge to design world-class products and services.

Embarking on the theme Hack to the Future: Collaborate for a Better Future, the Summit is scheduled on January 18-19, 2018 at the Green Sun Hotel in Makati City.

"We want to showcase the beauty and elegance of the Philippines, including its products, cultures, heritage, even the local brands here, the food, as well as the fiestas and festivities that we enjoy. We are a country rich in culture and heritage that when creatively expressed, can be truly spectacular and world-class," said Beda Manalac, Solid Group Inc. Vice President. "[Through the TechSummit 2018], we also aim to foster a collaborative environment among barangays, non-profit organizations, universities and academe communities, government agencies, and the Filipino citizens."

The event was conceptualized due to the presence of more and emerging Filipinos in the field of information and communications technologies. A recent study from the World Economic Forum (WEF) for the Global Information Technology Report finds that the country continues to show significant improvements in leveraging the benefits of ICT since 2014, citing several factors such as quality of management schools, quality of the educational system, adult literacy rate, use of virtual social networks, capacity for innovation, and impact of ICT on new organizational models.

bbulettin, brown & proud, event, myphone, solid group inc., summit, tech

"Filipino youth are generally technologically-inclined. Just imagine how many hours we spend every day on our mobile phones, on Google, YouTube, and all those social media sites. The interest is already there. We just need to educate and direct them towards the better use of information and technology in realizing their dreams," said Kristine Ricafort, Bbulletin Founder/CEO. “How we can harness the power of technology to better communicate and effectively disseminate information with authentic and timely contents is one of the things we want to impart to the summit delegates.”

“The world is changing fast and you need to keep up in order to survive, at least. What we need is a community, a venue to share, collaborate, and help each other stand and face the inevitable. The BUSINESS TECH SUMMIT is that place. The venue that will help our countrymen adapt, understand, and embrace the evolution,” said Cedric Horndeo, Brown & Proud Director.

In line with the staging of the Summit, Manalac shares an inspiring story about Elena Lim, founder of Solid Group Inc.

"The story of the Solid Group started decades back. It was after the World War 2 when a lady from Tacloban made a living out of reading and acting comics to people who weren't able to read. From that little money, she was able to go to Manila and start a new life. Fast forward to 2017, the young lady then, Elena Lim, is now the founder of a group of companies who brought in and built several known brands in the country. While striving to build the now 70-year-old Solid Group, Mrs. Lim's formula to success is to carefully study every business she's going into. This she wants to partake to every starting Filipino entrepreneurs, and this is the very foundation of the BROWN&PROUD Movement."

There will be a hackathon and short film competition by Indigitous Philippines and The Film Dream.

“Through the power of inspiring stories and films, The Film Dream Community believes in our Filipino youth’s values, creativity, and innovation as key contributors to building our nation as one community. We are committed to be a partner in community building through each and every Filipino youth and the realization of their film dreams,” said Hope of The Film Dream.

Interested parties who want to attend the Summit may now reserve tickets for an early bird price of PhP 250 for students and PhP 500 for community, while regular rates (effective after December 22) will be priced at PhP 500 for students and PhP 1000 for community delegates.

The Summit is made possible by MyPhone, the first mobile phone brand that offers dual-SIM mobility in the country, and pro-Filipino themes and features; Brown & Proud, a global Filipino movement that prides itself by offering a unique platform, for everyone to express their creativity and entrepreneurial skills, and benefit from it financially; and Bbulletin, an IT-enabled tech platform that intends to bridge people and communities through technology and collaboration. The event is also brought to you by Green Sun Hotel, Soma Bistro, and VitaGreen-C and supported by Tech4ed – DICT (Technology for Education, to gain Employment, train Entrepreneurs towards Economic Development), DevCon (Developers Connect), SEO – Hacker, and Syntactics PINK.