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NCR launches new suite of integrated CxBanking solutions in PH

By Ciara Alarcon - on 4 Oct 2016, 4:41pm

NCR launches new suite of integrated CxBanking solutions in PH

Yiannos Papadopoulos, Vice President of NCR Corporation's Financial Services, Southeast Asia Pacific

NCR Corporation has unveiled a new suite of integrated CxBanking solutions to improve the speed of service, reduce downtime, and enhance the customer experience in the country. The innovative technologies launched include the Cx110, SelfServ 83, SelfServ 27, and SelfServ 23.

The NCR Cx110 is the first thin client ATM to run with Kalpana, a software focusing on seamless integration. It comes with an innovative interface coupled with an enterprise set of software enabling flexibility and rapid deployment.

The NCR SelfServ 83, on the other hand, has an innovative interface layout coupled with Enhanced Note Present to deliver the most user-friendly experience. Through NCR’s Bunch Recycling Module, it can handle the highest volumes of both cash dispense and deposit based transactions.

The NCR SelfServ 27

Another CxBanking solution is the NCR SelfServ 27, which is designed to defend known and unknown fraud attacks, even before they start. It also has the latest multitouch capability and can handle the highest transaction volumes through the new S2 Media Dispense Module.

Lastly, there's the NCR SelfServ 23, which is designed to catch the attention of customers. It has a modern and contemporary look and feel, including the latest ADA multitouch capability. Due to the S2 Media Dispense Module, it performs brilliantly in locations where cash is in constant demand and will handle the highest transaction volumes.

“Consumers and businesses want quick and easy access to banking services. Through our SelfServ ATMs and innovative omni-channel solutions, financial institutions in the Philippines will not only be able to offer customers fast, reliable access to their bank accounts but also offer banking services beyond traditional banking hours,” said Carlo Cruz, country manager, NCR Philippines.

NCR’s CxBanking software allows financial institutions to transform their ATMs and Branches and offer seamless banking experience across physical and digital banking channels.