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The Net.Com announces the "TNC Esports Cup 2015"

By Jasper Oregas - on 3 Mar 2015, 10:45pm

The Net.Com announces the "TNC Esports Cup 2015"


The Net.Com (TNC) one of the leading internet café business in the country, together with its prestigious partners launches the TNC Esports cup 2015. 

Esports, also known as Electronic Sports is an organized multiplayer video game competition. The most common video game genres associated with electronic sports are real-time strategy, fighting, first-person shooter, and multiplayer online battle arena.

The major gaming titles which will be featured in the tournament are Dota 2, League of Legends, Dragon Nest, and Crossfire. The tournament will run for 9 months, from March to November.

The first five months will be the season starter,  next three months will be the Playoffs, and on the last month will be the grand finals. The Dota 2 battles will take the first week of the month, second week will be for Dragon Nest, League of Legends will take the third week, and Crossfire on the fourth week.

The Grand Finals will be held at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, known to host the famous collegiate basketball league like NCAA and UAAP. The Grand Finale 2015 will be etched as a history to Filipino gamers and to the whole gaming community, for it will be the first ever eSports tournament that will be held at a stadium!

This tournament would not be possible, if not for the unwavering dedication of TNC Esports, TheNet.Com and their partners to uplift the video gaming scene in the country.