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Netizens appeal for the reopening of ANGKAS

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 1 Dec 2017, 10:54am

Netizens appeal for the reopening of ANGKAS

Motorbike-hailing transportation app ANGKAS has been popular among several commuters as an alternate means to beat the Metro Manila traffic. However, despite the raves and clamor from the riding public, the mobile transportation navigational vehicle service brand was hampered with a cease to desist order by the Land Transportation and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), closing their operations as a result.

Despite the ruling by the government agency, ANGKAS has recently appealed the to the LTFRB to consider allowing two-wheeled vehicles under the TNVS category, stating their commitment to making motorcycle transformation a safe, professional, and viable option for commuters to beat the traffic. And with the recent moment comes an outpouring support from the riders and netizens who found ANGKAS to be of help for them to get around Metro Manila with ease.

For people like Mark Genesis, Ella Andres, Precious Paguirigan and Pau Lyn, it was ANGKAS that saved them from having tardiness on their respective classes. While for Cristina Nonato and GJ Romano, the TNVS app has made their work-life balance easier.

Multimedia journalist James Deakin, who has been vocal about road and driving matters, added that LTFRB’s closure on Angkas will only lead to people using a totally-unregistered service with no safety nets called habal-habal.

Carlo cited how ANGKAS has provided a better livelihood for people like Kuya Rommel who didn’t make enough in this previous job for seven years.

Other netizens and riders like Angela Gutierrez and Justine Montecarlo have cited how ANGKAS has been a life-changer and life-saver for them; citing how their drivers always meet the needed safety requirements through a series of training and examinations, plus expressing concern about the well-being of their passengers.

Aside from the outcry, a petition made thru Change.Org has also begun to circulate to drum up support for the legalization of ANGKAS. It can be found on the website. As a result, LTFRB has invited all the ANGKAS and habal-habal drivers to a day long of meeting regarding the matter on December 13, 2017.



Here in the Philippines, motorbike transportation is available in the form of habal-habal, and it is commonly found in the Makati and Taguig cities. In spite of this, it also has no safety measures or standardized fares in place, so the issue of safety always remains a question in the mind of commuters. That said, ANGKAS aims to raise the standards of safety in motorcycle transportation by only allowing professional bikers on the platform, and offering superior features for a safe ride amidst the narrows of the highways and beat the Metro Manila traffic in the process thru free, high-quality safety gear, transparent prices and personal accident insurance to passengers and bikers alike.