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Oracle Introduces Exadata Database Machine X4

By Argel John L. Querubin - on 7 Feb 2014, 4:11pm

Oracle Introduces Exadata Database Machine X4

 Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4

Oracle's Exadata Database Machine X4 features across the board improvements with a focus on improving performance and quality of service for OLTP, Database as a Service, and Data Warehousing. 

Performance of OLTP-oriented workloads is greatly accelerated by quadrupling the flash memory capacity through a combination of larger physical flash and ultra high-speed flash compression. A single rack Oracle Exadata now supports 88TB of user data in Flash. This capacity is sufficient to hold the vast majority of OLTP databases entirely in flash memory. Random I/O rates that are critical for OLTP applications have been improved close to 100 percent to 2.66 million 8K database reads and 1.96 million writes, even with full flash compression enabled. The ability to perform compression at millions of I/Os per second breaks the long standing tradeoff between high performance and high efficiency. Data throughput of a single rack Oracle Exadata is 100GBps. The extreme performance and capacity of Oracle Exadata easily allows hundreds of databases to be consolidated in a Database as a Service architecture into a single rack, enabling greatly reduced costs and improved agility. 

Oracle Exadata’s enhanced hardware is fully compatible and interoperable with previously released Oracle Exadata Database Machines. Additionally, the new Oracle Exadata software supports all previous generation Oracle Exadata hardware systems and also supports both Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Database 11g Release 2.

Improvement Highlights

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4 greatly improves end-to-end performance. Improvements over the previous generation include:

• 77 percent to 100 percent increase in Database I/Os per second. Up to 2.66 million read IOPs per full rack. Up to 1.96 million write IOPs to flash. Oracle Exadata flash throughput greatly exceeds that of all-flash arrays.
• 50 percent increase in database compute performance on X4-2 systems using two 12-core Intel Xeon Processors E5-2697 v2.
• Close to 100 percent increase in InfiniBand network throughput and the addition of Network Resource Management to ensure ultra-low response times for latency critical database operations even when there are network intensive reporting, batch, or backup operations running in parallel.

• 100 percent increase in physical PCI Flash capacity to 44TB per full rack.
• Up to another 100 percent increase in logical flash cache capacity to 88TB per full rack. Unique Exadata Flash Cache Compression transparently compresses database data into flash using hardware acceleration to compress and decompress data with zero performance overhead at millions of I/Os per second. Flash cache compression is effective for both OLTP and DW databases.
• 100 percent increase in maximum memory capacity on X4-2 to 4TB per full rack using memory expansion kits enables greater consolidation.
• 100 percent increase in high performance disk storage capacity to over 200TB per full rack.
• 33 percent increase in high capacity disk storage capacity to 672TB per full rack. Using Oracle Exadata compression technologies, petabytes of user data can be stored per rack.