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Panasonic Sued For Deteriorating Black Levels

By Andy Sim - on 4 Mar 2010, 11:44am

Panasonic Sued For Deteriorating Black Levels

Panasonic has been in the news lately; all but for the wrong reasons. Apparently, a handful of AV enthusiasts have made complaints about their PDP's black levels. To add salt to the wound, a formal class-action lawsuit has been filed against the CE giant. The lawsuit, officially filed on February 12th in a New Jersey federal court, alleges there's a gradual increase in brightness of black levels and a consequential drop in contrast ratio with Panasonic displays. Over a period of time, of course.  

Electronista - Panasonic has been hit with a class-action lawsuit filed in a federal court in New Jersey. The plaintiffs allege that their plasma televisions no longer produce the same image quality as the company promised, as the brightness of black levels has slowly increased over time.

Panasonic's "automatic voltage adjustment" feature has been of much contention lately. Till a justifiable verdict is announced, we can only wait and see if the Japanese would emerge as victors or losers on this imminent, yet unavoidable legal warpath. Read more about it here.