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PayMaya makes the tradition of gift-giving digital this holiday season

By Nestor Domingo Jr - on 3 Jan 2018, 10:29am

PayMaya makes the tradition of gift-giving digital this holiday season

We Filipinos celebrate the longest Christmas in the world, hence the tradition of gift-giving continues. In line with this, PayMaya has launched an app that enables every ninong and ninang to send their pamasko to their godchildren using the “digital aguinaldo” service in Messenger, in partnership with Facebook.

“Today, just like many facets of our modern lives, sending ‘aguinaldo’ to godchildren during Christmas has now become digital,” said Paolo Azzola, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director at PayMaya Philippines. “This is yet another way we are helping our account holders #ShareTheLove this Christmas, at the same time helping build a ‘cashless’ society in the Philippines through services that are relevant to Filipino culture.”

PayMaya has adapted the Filipino time-honored tradition of giving “aguinaldo” to young family members and godchildren as one of the unique ways the Filipino do in celebrating Christmas. And the usual way of doing so is by handing out the usual freshly printed paper-bills withdrawn from the bank that still emit a distinct smell.

But times are changing, and so are sending the monetary gift. Here are the following simple steps in using PayMaya in Messenger.

1.  If the sender already has a PayMaya account, they only have to link their account to Messenger by chatting with @PayMayaOfficial. If not, they can sign up for an account using any mobile number from all networks using Messenger.
2. Once the account is linked to Messenger, they can upgrade their accounts to use the ‘Send Aguinaldo’ feature and load up their accounts via the more than 15,000 top-up partners that PayMaya has nationwide.
3. To send an ‘aguinaldo’, simply chat with @PayMayaOfficial in Messenger, click the “Promos & Gifts” tab, and click the “Send Aguinaldo” option.
4. Choose which Facebook friend to send the ‘aguinaldo’ to, enter the amount of money to be sent, and swipe right or left to choose the perfect design to go along with the money gift.
5. After tapping the “Pay” button, the user will be asked to enter their Facebook password, after which the money will be sent to the recipient.

In addition, account holders can now send ‘aguinaldo’ to their godchildren, friends, and family through the 'PayMaya Pamasko' feature in Messenger, and even choose from a variety of holiday designs available within the app.

The PayMaya on Messenger feature is currently available to Android mobile users and those with upgraded PayMaya accounts, which they would have to undergo the standard know-your-customer (KYC) process that requires additional information from the account holder. And once the person receives the money via Messenger, it automatically goes to their PayMaya account, or they will be given the option to create one in case they didn’t have a PayMaya account set-up.

Aside from sending “aguinaldo,” PayMaya lets their customers to buy prepaid load for themselves, send prepaid load as a gift to others, or pay their bills through the Messenger app.

For more information about PayMaya Philippines, visit their official website.