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PayMaya receives Best Online Payments Solution award in London

By Ashley Lucas - on 14 Oct 2016, 5:20pm

PayMaya receives Best Online Payments Solution award in London

Paolo Azzola, Managing Director and Co-COO, PayMaya Philippines

In an interview that appeared in HWM's July 2016 issue, PayMaya Philippines' Managing Director and co-COO, Paolo Azzola, said that "making the ecosystem of payments more efficient and convenient for everyone is [PayMaya's] primary goal."

After merely over a year of operation, PayMaya proved to have done just that, offering a free and secure app that allows everyone to pay and shop online. Now at the top of its game, the country's leading payments app has been recognized as the Best Online Payments Solution by the Emerging Payments Association at the 9th Annual Emerging Payments Awards held in London.

PayMaya managed to defeat Easypay by Easypaisa Pakistan (eNett International Redefining Payments in the Travel industry), paysafecard (Online cash for the Internet – Austria), and Splitit (Interest-Free Monthly Purchases on Customers' Existing Credit Cards – USA), allowing it to join other big winners such as Vodafone, Saxo Payments, and Wirecard, 

“This recognition is for the #NowNation - our mostly millennial PayMaya users - who have readily adopted this payments technology, as well as our local and global partners. We are truly inspired and more committed to making payments and financial technology more accessible and available in the Philippines and other emerging markets,” said Orlando B. Vea, President and CEO at PayMaya Philippines.

“At the first instance, we are solving the digital payments challenge with PayMaya - a card for the uncarded. But beyond that, we are also addressing the pain points of convenience, affordability, and security. It’s all about enjoying the benefits of the digital life,”  he added.

The Emerging Payments Awards is a prestigious industry recognition body in the global payments space that celebrates outstanding innovations, programs, and collaborations that have made an impact in the lives of consumers and in the payments technology industry.