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Penna Bluetooth keyboard gives a vintage typewriter feel
By Ciara Alarcon - on 10 Apr 2017, 3:36pm

Penna Bluetooth keyboard gives a vintage typewriter feel

Image source: Android Authority

Elretron Inc. introduced the Penna – a Bluetooth keyboard that will surely give a classic feel to its users, as it resembles typewriter even the sound it makes when typing.

Penna has two styles of keys: the diamond keycap and chrome keycap. The diamond keycap improves typing accuracy while the chrome keycap will offer further retro styling. Both diamond keycap and chrome keycap operate with a cherry switch to ensure fast and accurate typing. With support for Android, iOS and Windows, users can pair it with up to five devices simultaneously. Users can also expect six months of idle time in terms of its battery life.

Looks like a typewriter’s return lever, the Bluetooth keyboard is equipped with a metal bar that gives users the ability to create a macro action. According to Android Authority, users can pull the lever up and type anything. With this, everything will be recorded, and the machine can replicate the action when the lever is pressed down.