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Petron introduces Janine Gutierrez, HTP lineup

By Patrick Alcantara - on 3 Feb 2017, 10:42am

Petron introduces Janine Gutierrez, HTP lineup

Petron Corporation introduced their newest roster of fluids and lubricants to beat the extreme heat that causes significant wear down to our vehicles. Along with the HTP lineup, Petron officially launched Janine Gutierrez to grace their 2017 calendar.

The High Temperature Protection (HTP) fluids are scientifically formulated to deal with vehicles under heat. Using demands of high-performance cars as the basis, the HTP line meets the challenge and provides protection to any type of vehicles. The lineup consists of three products – the Automatic Transmission Fluid Premium HTP, Brake Fluid HTP DOT 4, and Grease HTP Lithium Complex with more products arriving soon.

The ATF is used for lubrication of automatic transmissions. Acting as a coolant, it cleans metal surfaces and protects them from wear. It is a synthetic lubricant, superior to common mineral-based lubricants.

The Petron Blake Fluid HTP DOT 4 has a dry boling point of 230 Celsius, beating the 205 Celsius of DOT 3 types. It keeps brakes in optimum condition for safer and more efficient braking performance even during heavy use.

Lastly, the Petron Grease HTP Lithium Complex has a 260 Celsius dropping point, significantly higher than the 190 Celsius of previous versions. This allows it to remain effective when exposed to high temperatures.

Meanwhile, Janine Gutierrez and James Deakin have been chosen to represent Petron in their own ways.

"It's so nice to represent Petron this 2017," Gutierrez said in front of the tech and motoring media. "I've always been a fan of cars. My dad is the biggest car lover I've known and I grew up watching him race every weekend. So these stuff are not new to me."

James Deakin, a known car enthusiast and media practitioner, jumped in the party to explain why the lineup should be on every car owner's list. He kicked off the City Kart Racing competition in which winners would take home cash prizes.