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PH is Asia Pacific’s 8th most prone to cyberthreats

By Jonnah Pante - on 21 Sep 2017, 10:49am

PH is Asia Pacific’s 8th most prone to cyberthreats

Image source: Microsoft

Ranked eight most vulnerable to malware in the Asia-Pacific region,  the Philippines encounters 19.2 % of malware.

Just behind Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal, and Thailand, which are also among the top countries exposed to malicious programs, the Philippines has an above-average exposure to drive-by download sites and ransomware, one of the most infamous malware families in 2017.

In regards to this, Microsoft’s bi-annual Security Intelligence Report (SIR) hands out in-depth data and insights about the global threat landscape. The said report also shared the best practices and solutions that can aid organizations to secure, identify, and address threats.

“We will not, however, be able to remain safe and reach our full potential in this ever-connected world, without also understanding the cybersecurity threat environment and building our awareness around the growth in cybercrime.” Antony Cook, Associate General Counsel of Microsoft Asia Pacific, Japan & Australia, said.

During the first half of the year, two ransomware attacks have occurred using WannaCrypt and Petya which caused risk to many business operations. Cybercriminals also targeted customer and business accounts that operate in the cloud which has took the title of the central data hub of organizations.

This threat landscape leads individuals and organizations to consider risk-reduction practices by not working in public Wi-Fi hotspots, regularly updating the operating system, reducing the risk of credential compromise, and enforcing security policies that control access.