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Philips Launches a New Range of Audio Products and Home Cinema Systems

By Marvin R. Velasco - on 10 Jul 2014, 5:23pm

Philips Launches a New Range of Audio Products and Home Cinema Systems

Philips has been a consistent recipient of HWM's awards, as shown here.

Philips went all out with its product launch earlier today, revealing a plethora of high-end televisions and audio products during the event. This fresh lineup is set to take Philips' level of innovation to new heights. 

By far the most visually striking of the lineup, the DesignLine and Ultra HD series of televisions by Philips were built with key technologies, such as the multi-core Ultra Pixel HD engine, which brings award-winning picture quality to both UHD and Full HD content. To expand the visual spectacle, Philips incorporated the Ambilight feature. It projects a variety of soft colors onto the wall behind the TV for extra immersion. New apps that support the Ambilight range let users interact with the colorful glow during sporting events.

Ambilight adds a colorful touch to your viewing experience for greater immersion.

As for the audio side, Philips unveiled its Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100, E5 speakers, Soundbar HTL6140, SoundStage HTB4150B, and 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theater HTB5580. Each product has its own unique set of features, but they all have one thing in common, and that's the best possible sound quality without any clutter. At a glance, the Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100 and E5 speakers are for consumers who want detachable speakers with surround sound and no wires; the Soundbar HTL6140 is a 2.98cm-thick mountable sound bar with 320 watts of power and a wireless subwoofer; and the SoundStage HTB4150B and 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theater HTB5580 are the Blu-ray offerings of Philips, featuring Full HD 3D outputs and Crystal Clear Sound.

The A5-PRO headphones and M1X-DJ System were created in collaboration with Grammy-nominated artist Armin van Buuren.

Rounding up the new Philips lineup were the Philips A5-PRO, M1X-DJ, and the NTRX500 and NTRX700. Designed in collaboration with five-time World's Best DJ winner Armin van Buuren, the A5-PRO headphones meet the standards of international DJs with its true-to-life and distortion-free sound reproduction, while the M1X-DJ makes mixing, playing, and sharing tracks seamless for both beginners and professionals. Finally, the NTRX500 and NTRX700 are hi-fi systems that utilize smart and easy-to-use DJ mixing functions for heavy beats and smooth handling.

The following prices were provided in the press release of the event:

  • Philips 55PDL8908S: PhP 228,990
  • Philips 55PFT6609S: PhP 99,990
  • Philips 32PFA4509S/98: PhP 16,990
  • Philips 40PFA4509S/98: PhP 28,990
  • Philips 50PFA4509S/98: PhP 43,990
  • Philips 42PFT6509S/98: PhP 49,990
  • Philips 50PFT6509S/98: PhP 71,990
  • Philips 55PFT6609S/98: PhP 99,990
  • Philips Fidelio Soundbar HTL9100: PhP 39,990
  • Philips A5-PRO: PhP 17,999
  • Philips M1X-DJ: PhP 15,999